November 2018

November 16, 2018  -  California Bar Exam Results Announced  (time subject to changes)  -  Applications for the the Winter session of tutoring are considered on a first come first to execute the contract basis.


November 26, 2018 - Tutoring begins.  Applicants can choose between the Full course (meeting twice a week - covering both writing and substantive aspects of the exam) or the Intensive course  (meeting once a week - focused on the writing aspect and mechanics [limited coverage of substantive materials]).  Courses can be designed to also provide coverage of the PT's and availability to guide and answe questions on the MBE (limited coverage of specific MBE strategy).  Late applicants will be considered if there is space available. (and costs will be calculated on a pro-rata basis) 

November 2018 to February 2019
Studying and preparation for the upcoming examination - no breaks.
February 2019

February 20-21, 2019 - California General Bar Exam (2 day format:  Day 1= 5 Essays (1 hour) + 1 Performance Test (90 min);  Day 2 = 200 MBE questions.  Weighted 50/50 between written portion and MBE's).



March 2019


Rolling early admissions for the July 2019 Bar Exam.






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